Hidden Child – Prague


Hidden Child was founded in 1992 as an open association for members of Jewish communities, who survived the time of the Holocaust as children, hiding from deportation to Concentration Camps or under having false identity. The intention of the founders of this Association was to give them the chance to get together with people of similar fate. Without this organization, it was difficult for them to find place in Jewish social life. The goal of the Association was and is to create and support social activities of its members, to provide mutual help, to find their own identity and return to Jewish culture and the tradition of Judaism. Also to search for and honor those who rescued them, to document their past in co-operation with the Prague Jewish museum and the other organizations. And to protest actively against all forms of racism and anti-Semitism and engages for rights of its members to include them in all forms of compensation and was successful in combating against regulation, Act 255/1946 to recognize them as a category of Nazi victims.


Név:Hidden Child – Prague


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