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The GROUPOV is a collective of artists of various disciplines (theater, video, writing, music, etc.) and various nationalities (French people, Belgians, Italians, American). Founded in 1980 by Jacques Delcuvellerie who remained his artistic director, it is based in Liège, Belgium. Since its origin the GROUPOV led collectively purely experimental projects and original dramatic creations. During the 90s, it directed its researches on " the question of the truth ". In the term of this course, in particular after the creation of TRASH (a lonely prayer) of Marie-France Collard and the stage setting of LA MERE of Bertolt Brecht, the GROUPOV began the RWANDA 94 project which, after the Festival of Avignon 1999, pursued an international tour during almost five years. At the same time, it defined itself as Experimental Center of Active Culture, to mark well that its activity does not join exclusively in the theatrical field, even if this one remains the most visible. The GROUPOV also resumed the follow-up and the production of documentaries realized by Marie-France Collard, author and director.


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Gyártó: Rwanda. À travers nous, l’humanité… Forgalmazó: Rwanda. À travers nous, l’humanité…

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