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AntropoDocus Producciones is an independent production company specialized in anthropologic and social documentaries. The company develops two different types of projects: on the one hand, it develops academictheoretical products, i.e., visual capture of works in the field and ethnologies with the specific purpose of investigating; on the other, it produces narrative documentaries for the general audience, making the anthropologists’ works and concerns available for everyone. AntropoDocus Producciones is the audiovisual branch and producer of AntropoDocus – international intercultural organization which mainly focuses on visual anthropology. Our staff is composed by anthropologists and sociologists working in the field of communication, and audiovisual experts and technicians interested and curious about documentaries, anthropology and sociology. Our work covers all the aspects of visual anthropology: investigation, theorization, production, distribution and display. AntropoDocus provides the young talented people with the necessary means and it enables the experimented investigators to show their investigations to the world. It is also a decided bet in view of consolidating its position as one of the drivers promoting the development of visual anthropology and anthropologic documentaries at an international and intercultural level.Facing the difficult aim of spreading anthropology, AntropoDocus Producciones explores new ways of communication and develops possible formats for future audiovisual material, such as the Internet and mobile technology.


Név:Antropodocus Producciones


Gyártó: La ciudad invisible

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